Camrider 2 for 1 offer or 20% off single riders

Only available 2017/18 Winter season 
Camrider 2 for 1 offer

Bike Hire FREE for both people!

This winter Camrider offers you a very special offer during what should be our quietest period.

Key benefits

  • Two people training - just one training fee
  • CBT fully included
  • Module 1 and Module 2 pre booked (customer required to pay for these as extra)
  • Loan Motorcycles 125cc and 600cc
  • All fuel included
  • If dates can't go ahead due to ice or snow then we move them for you
  • Two people pass full test and save £££££
  • Participating sites only - subject to availability

Participating sites: Bedford. Chester, Harlow, Harleston, Ipswich, London, Norwich

Not participating: Cambridge, Kettering, Peterborough, Warwick 

We know everyone is thinking about Halloween, fireworks then mince pies and turkey, but we need to keep our instructors working and our motorbikes on the road ... So here is a very special offer to tempt you onto a course for a saving you will never find in the summer. 

You should know that our instructors ride all year round and we provide top notch kit. So should you find a rainy day, all you will get is the great experience of learning to ride in inclement weather whilst still feeling warm and dry.

    The details:
  • Two people get a Camrider training course for the price of one!
  • Must be a full test course - four, five or six sessions
  • Customers must book a course appropriate for both their existing entry skill level: I.e. If one person needs six sessions and the other needs five then choose the six session course.
  • Available for courses starting from 7th November 2017 to 28th February 2018 
  • Book any date and times so that the course starts during that period
  • Last possible date for a test or training session on a "2 for 1" course is 15th March 2018
  • Both people on same training course
  • Both attending same day and same times
  • Both people need to pay for own test fees - booked by us as part of the course
  • Both people need to purchase collision damage option for the course
  • Both people will require to have passed their motorcycle theory test at least 10 days in adance of their Module 1 test.
  • Any additional training sessions required are available at standard prices
  • If one person (or both) needs additional training to safely progress to the next session it must be taken in advance of the next session or else they may have to leave the course.  
  • No cancellations, reschedulement or refunds available past cool off period.
  • Training must be completed by no later that 15th March 2018.  Any remaining dates not used past that time may be carried out only during the following years "2 for 1" offer period exclusively and after that date become void.   If you wish to take further training after that date then the training sessions used are at standard cost for an individual session per person.
  • Weather guarantee - if your instructor has to cancel any of the the course sessions due to bad weather then it is rescheduled for you free of charge at a mutually agreed time within the "2 for 1" offer period. 

Book your course for just a £150 deposit per person 
Please just call us to book. Sites listed here

3 day cool off with 100% deposit return if you change your mind for any reason.*

* We offer a 3 day cool off period so if you change your mind for any reason we will give a 100% refund of any deposit or fees paid. All we ask is that your course is not due to start within seven clear days of your giving notice. Full details given in terms and conditions (see Winter two for one cool off)
*Participating sites only - subject to availability  

Offer 2:  20% off single riders training alone

For a limited time we have a few special full test courses set up over the Christmas and New Year period (up to February) where a single rider can get a massive 20% off their training fees.  Just enter the code WINTER20 at the end of the online booking process, or call us to book by phone.
*Participating sites only - subject to availability 


 How to book 2 for 1
Call your local branch - or online

2 for 1 - how to book step 1

2 for 1 - how to book step 2




2 for 1 - how to book step 3





2 for 1 - how to book step 4

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