Camrider to Ace Cafe to Brighton Run

Ace Cafe


Ace Café to Brighton Ride Out Plans 2009

Date: Sunday 13th September 2009

Time: Meeting at Camrider Sawston at 8:00am

Meeting point:  Camrider Motorcycle Training Ltd.
 Unit 25, London Rd Ind. Est. London Rd. Cambridge CB22 3EE

A Letter from Lexi regarding the event!

Hi there,

As you are coming, or possibly coming to the above ride out, I thought I’d post some additional details about it to make sure everyone has a fun and safe day out.
There are a lot of people confirmed as coming, and no doubt many more will tag along as friends and relatives. As there will be so many, we will be splitting the group into 2 for safety reasons and to ease traffic congestion.

The 1st group will be leaving at 8:15am and will be led by Chris Wright who is the Camrider Operations Director. Cambridge instructor Nick will be the sweeper.
This group will contain more experienced and confident people.

The 2nd group will be leaving at 8:30 and will be led by Luke Isted who is the Cambridge Lead Instructor. The sweeper is yet to be confirmed.
This group will contain people who have obtained their full bike licence within the last 12 months, or do not ride regularly, or are a little nervous about riding long distances and in groups with more experienced people.

Being in the 2nd group will not necessarily mean you will be riding at a slower pace, but will mean there will be a couple more instructors amongst you to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re ok. And if you do want to ride at a slower pace, there is no need to worry about it slowing down other people.
The leaders and sweepers will be connected by radios to make sure everyone is kept together.

Please can you let me know what group you feel you would better fit into so I can list the groups and ensure they’re of an even size ASAP?
If you have friends coming with you on their own bikes, please also let me know what group they’ll fit into, giving me their names. It will speed up the organisation on the day which is important as I’m sure no-one would want to turn up to the Ace after everyone else has left there to travel to Brighton.
Either send Lexi a message via the Camrider Cambridge Facebook email or directly to her at
(If you are riding as a pillion there is no need to inform me of what group you should be in. This is only required for actual riders).

The Route

From Camrider to the Ace Café:
A505 –A1 – A406 (North Circular)

From the Ace to Brighton:
A406 – A40 – M25 – M23 – A23 – Madeira Drive on Brighton Seafront


Have you let Lexi know what group you think you should be in?
Make sure you fill up with petrol before coming to meet us at Camrider.
Look at a map and make yourself familiar with the route and destination
Make sure your bike is road worthy and legal
Make sure you have a break down service number stored on your mobile and your mobile is fully charged
Arrive at the meeting point on time
Listen to the briefing at the meeting point & don’t be afraid to ask questions
To avoid unscheduled stops make sure all clothing and luggage is secure.
Be ready to leave when it is time for your group to go.

Riding formation

A staggered riding formation will be adopted to keep the group together and allow better visibility. We would usually adopt a sweeper system with markers for such a large group, but there will be no need for this ride as we will only be using major roads where marking junctions would be unsafe.

The Rules

Follow the ride out rules to ensure the safety of everyone riding. If you break the rules you will not be welcome to join us again as it is crucial everyone understands their actions can affect the safety of others in the group.

Leave plenty of distance between you and the person in front of you
If you lose sight of the person behind you slow down or stop until they catch up
No undertaking or overtaking the rider in front of you regardless of how slow they are
Keep to a safe and legal speed
Respect others in the group. They may not have the experience you have
Ride at your own pace & don’t push yourself
Respect others in the group. They may not have the experience you have

Stop Offs And Leaving The Group

The whole trip from Camrider to Brighton via the Ace is 133 miles.
It would be advisable to fill your tank up before coming to meet us. There is a BP petrol station on the round-about beside Camrider.
There will be two planned stops for petrol. The stop on the way to The Ace Café will be at South Mimms Service Station, Potters bar.
(Camrider to South Mimms = 42 miles).
The next planned stop will be at Pease Pottage Services, Crawley, at the start of the A23.
(South Mimms to Pease Pottage = 73 miles. Camrider to Pease Pottage = 116 miles).
As there will be so many people stopping at the services, it would be advisable to share paying for petrol with a friend to reduce waiting times at the petrol station tills. This would be particularly helpful at the South Mimms Services as we’ll be pressed for time to get down to the Ace to meet with all the other hundreds of bikers.

If a rider stops at any point when not scheduled to stop, the others should keep going. The sweeper will stop and assist that rider.
If you want to leave the group pull in where it’s safe to do so and wave the others by. The sweeper will stop to check if you’re ok. Make sure you inform the sweeper you’re leaving before you go off by yourself.

Returning to Cambridge

This ride out is only organised to be led down to Brighton. There will be no official groups and leads to return to Camrider as everyone is likely to be leaving Brighton at different times, and going home in different directions. If however you are nervous about riding back on your own, please talk to others in your group and arrange to ride back with them.
The route straight from Brighton to Camrider in Cambridge is quite simple and is as follows:

A23 – M23 – M25 – M11 – A1301 – London Road.

On your return journey you will be travelling through the Dartford Tunnel. It is still a free toll for bikes, but you will need to go through the barriers one at a time, and make sure you go through a barrier labelled as requiring change so you have an attendant open the barrier for you.
If travelling back with others, remember to keep to a low speed after going through the barriers until the rest of the riders have caught up with you.

Further info

Please note Camrider is a road safety organisation. We are not impressed by irresponsible and reckless riding, speeding, wheelies, boasting about breaking road laws or other such behaviour. If you demonstrate any of this behaviour you will be given the cold shoulder and will not be invited to any other Camrider events.
Please read the rules listed above and if you disagree with them, kindly don’t attend.

We need to also make you aware that although you will be riding with instructors, and they often put themselves at risk to protect pupils from other road users whilst training, they will not be doing the same for you. As only full bike licence holders are able to attend this ride out, you are expected to be a competent rider and not need looking after. Camrider cannot take any responsibility for your personal safety during ride outs. Ride for yourself and keep safe.

This is traditionally a hot day so take water, sun cream and your sunnies. If you’re in leathers it would be a good idea to take some shorts and a long bike lock to lock your leathers to your bike whilst you’re wandering about the beach, peer and Lanes.

If you’re planning on staying the night in Brighton, it would be advisable to book a hotel/B&B soon as they book up quite quickly on the Ace Café run. There are also some nice little B&B’s in neighbouring Worthing and Eastbourne.
If you are camping, the following websites may be of use:

Last but not least….. HAVE FUN! We look forward to seeing you there!

With regards,

Lexi Gilbert


P.s. If you have friends/family joining us on their own bikes, please forward them this information, and please don’t forget to let me know what group you and they should be in.

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