Riots halt test centre but CAM Rider step in

Fire Damage
Riots halt test centre but CAM Rider step in

After the huge blaze at the Sony Centre in Enfield caused by rioters and looters, the next door DSA test centre was forced to close due to the smoke damage and pollution.  CAM Rider immediately stepped up to the mark and has offered to open up its Harlow training site to be a full time test centre until the DSA test centre can be brought up to scratch.  Harlow Council and contractors Kier also immediately offered help and came in with specialised equipment and a team of people to sweep the edges and ensure every inch of the Harlow training pad was ready for candidates to be able to take Module 1 tests there if needed.

The CAM Rider Harlow training site is large enough to be able to carry out Module 1 tests in full size.  The process of licensing the site as an actual DSA test centre has been rushed through by the DSA keen to have a backup if the Enfield site if out for any period of time or if it needs to be closed again when the gutted Sony Centre is demolished..

Bern Adams the CAM Rider Managing Director said: "We are really glad to be able to help out the DSA and the local communities in the difficult time after the riots. We wont let people miss out on their tests because a few mindless yobs decide to try and loot a business and wreck their own local facilities"

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