TV program 5th Gear filming at CAM Rider

Jonny on his test day with examiner Mark WinnChannel 5's Motor program 5th Gear teams up with Camrider Motorcycle Training to film their presenter Jonny Smith going through his motorcycle training and tests.  To cap it all - Jonny takes his final training and test on a 750cc Moto Guzzi!

Novice rider Jonny is shown in the programme going through the process a
completely new rider needs to get their full motorcycle licence.

Camrider was chosen to be Jonny's trainers due to both their reputation in the industry and also because they have full time super centre's able to accommodate the film crew and support vehicles.

Though Jonny was nervous and in his words "Full of trepidation" he soon settled in when he met the admin staff and instructors at Camrider.  A cup of coffee and a welcome chat soon put him at ease. Despite the cameras and lights in the training rooms Jonny was soon sat on a motorbike learning the basic controls.

On road practice for testAs with all bike training, Jonny's started with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) learning how to competently operate a 125cc motorcycle and practice initial manoeuvres using Camrider's huge off road practice area.

During the CBT Jonny practiced breaking, slow riding, slow riding, and all aspects of safe riding before being taken out for a two hour road ride.

Jonny took a couple of weeks to pass his Motorcycle Theory Test, and returned to Camrider early May to continue training on a larger bike, moving into the Direct Access (DAS) Syllabus.  This is where riders over 21 can take their training and test on a large motorbike.

Haywards of Cambridge loaned Jonny a beautiful Moto Guzzi V7 Classic for the remainder of his training and test. Jonny looked great on the bike and took to it very quickly. He worked with his instructor Nick Knights to recap on his CBT, improve his control of the bike and develop good riding and observation skills. In Jonny's words "The bike is a real head turner and full of character"

Filming on Module 1 TestCamrider's instructor Nick took Jonny through all eleven manoeuvres of the module 1 practical test, practicing each of them until Jonny was confident, and explained exactly what the examiner required of Jonny on the day of his tests. Practice, practice, and more practice.

Then came the test day. Film crew turned up at the crack of dawn and set things up to start filming Jonny's final lesson and tests. There was nail biting in the office as everyone waited for Jonny to get out of a traffic jam he'd encountered on the way to Camrider.

What is the result....?During the wait, Nick warmed up Haywards Guzzi and checked it over to make sure it was still in perfect working order. Jonny arrived and after a quick change into his bike gear, a camera interview, sound check, and paperwork check he was off out on road with his instructor. Jonny's final lesson and two practical tests were scheduled on the same day; something Camrider advises against due to the extra pressure it puts on pupils. But Jonny's schedule was so full for filming other
episodes of the Fifth Gear programme everything had to be squeezed into one day.

This, along with the long drive to Camrider, tiredness from such an early start, and the rush after the traffic jam, all filled Camrider's staff with apprehension.

The Result?

Mod 1 - Pass. No Faults
Mod 2 - Pass. 1 Minor fault
The Examiner Mark Winn of the DSA said: "An expertly trained rider who is a credit to a good training regime"

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