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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT - What is included?

Compulsory Basic Training

  • High quality training
  • CBT certificate
  • Loan Moped or Motorcycle
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof over trousers

What age do I have to be?

  • Age 16 Ride a 50cc moped (geared or automatic)
  • Age 17+ Ride a 125cc learner bike (geared or automatic)

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  • Regulated and approved by the DVSA
  • Full Member, represented on MRTA Executive


What is CBT?

CBT is a course of instruction and assessment for new riders wanting to ride a moped or geared motorcycle. It’s the first legal step, and must by law be taken by any new rider before they get on the road using “L” plates.

Don’t worry if you have never ridden before, as the course is aimed at complete novices with no experience at all. Our instructors take you through all the elements, so you safely learn whilst feeling confident and happy.

What will I be taught?

Element A

The aims and objectives of the course. This is classroom based. You will be introduced to the course, told all about the legal part of riding such as MOT, insurance and licence requirements. You will also be told about correct gear to use and the basics about learning to ride safely.

30 to 40 mins

Element B

Introduction to learning the controls Here you will be shown all around the bike. You will learn what each of the controls does, how to do basic checks such as tyre pressures, filling with petrol and oil levels. Taking the bike on and off the stand. Walking the bike and how to properly start it are all covered.

45 mins approx

Element C

Practical on-site training. The next steps are to move off safely, take correct observations and learn how to use the clutch. We slowly build your experience from slow riding, up to figures of 8 and emergency breaking. Towards the end of this session you will practice right and left turns. All of this is done from our large off road sites.

2 to 3 hrs approx

Element D

Classroom training on road safety. Now you will have a chance for a break and have an important chat about how to stay safe on the road. Many aspects are covered including Highway Code, vulnerability,visibility, defensive riding and legalities.

1 hour

Element E

Practical riding on the roads. Your instructor will fit you with a radio and then gradually introduce you to the roads. We start off on quiet back roads with little traffic and then gradually build your confidence and experience of all sorts of traffic. We don't expect you to be an expert as this is CBT and we are just looking for a basic safe standard. The road ride lasts for a minimum of two hours. It's important to note this is a legal requirement and anyone offering less is breaking the law!

Minimum 2 hours

Compulsory Basic Training

How long does it take?

We are proud that 92% of our customers get through with one day of training, but please remember that different people do learn at different speeds. If you need to have more work on any element you can always return to carry on another day. Your safety comes first at all times.

At the end of the course you will be given a CBT pass certificate, this is also called a DL196. The certificate last for two years and allows you to ride a learner bike or moped on the road and also lets you be able to go forward to take your full practical test.

What do I need to attend?

You will need the plasic photo card of your UK car drivers or provisional licence, be able to read a number plate at 20.5 metres, suitable clothing (we provide helmets, gloves and jackets) and you will need a basic understanding of the highway code and road signs. Do remember the course is for total novices so you will not be expected to be able to ride at all. Just a sensible attitude and a smile will be great.


Questions and answers:

Q. What is the age requirement to join the course? 
A. 16 years plus for a 50cc moped and 17 years plus for a 125cc motorcycle

Q. What licence do I need to join course? 
A. You just need a UK "full car" or a "standard provisional".  You will need to bring the original undamaged copy of your photo card.
If you have the old style (just paper) licence then you will only need this (but later will need to present a valid UK passport as well if going on for full test). You can get extra information here DVLA Licence Rules

Q. Do I need my own bike at all?
A. No we provide a new fleet of well maintaned motorcycles for all the CBT age  ranges - 50cc to 125cc.  If you want to complete CBT on your own bike then that fine so long as it gets to the site legally and complys with the usual road laws.

Q. When do I need to have a Motorcycle Theory test?
A. Motorcycle Theory Test is not needed for CBT. More details here Rules on motorcycle theory test

Q. At what times and days do Camrider provide training?
A. We can provide CBT and full test training sessions seven days a week- we schedule up courses depending on demand and the availability of the site and instructors - just look online or even better call us as we may be able to schedule a date that fits exactly with you.

Q. Will I be in a big group or with people of different ages or ability from myself?
A. We only train in small class sizes and you will thoroughly enjoy your course as we respond to your needs.  There are a mix of people on the course and as we have been training riders since 1977 we know how to get the best from you and make the day fit properly. Max class size in the classroom and off road is 4 pupils to one instructor, and on road never more than 2 pupils to one instructor. 

Q. Can I attend late on my training sessions?
A. Sorry but no - sessions need to start as timetabled as there may be another person on the course and we have to comply with DSA regulations.

Q. I've heard that some companies "fail" people so they have to come back and pay again?
A. Camrider is a not for profit bussiness and your instructor receives no commission from a customer having to come back.  We actually loose money on each return as the fee for returning only covers the bike hire - hence we do our best to get you through in one day. You will see we have a very high first day pass rate, but if you do need to return it is because you are not yet safe to recieve the CBT certificate.  Our instructors have to abide by the DSA regulations and always remember that you could be riding a bike on the road unaccompanied for two years - so your safety comes first and your instructors decision is based on what's safe and legal.

Q. What can I ride when I have passed?
A. at age 16 plus you can ride a 50cc moped and at 17 plus you can ride a learner legal 125cc motorbike.  You will need to display "L" plates front and rear, not be able to carry a pillion passenger and not allowed on motorways.

Q. How long is my CBT certificate valid for?
A. Two years - the expiry date will be written on the certificate.  

Q. Is anyone exempt from CBT?
A. No one is exempt from having a CBT if they want to ride anything bigger than a 50cc moped.  

The only people who don't need CBT for a moped are those with a full car licence passed before the 1st Febuary 2001 as at that time a moped licence was granted with your car licence - this is no longer the case and has not been since 1/2/2001.  It is still recommended these people still take CBT to be safe.

If you have a full car licence issued after 1st Febuary 2001 and want to ride just a 50cc moped you only need to take CBT once. This validates your licence to let you have a full moped licence!  You will need to keep the CBT certificate very safe as it is hard to get a copy after the normal two years life. Remember this only applies for 50cc mopeds - nothing bigger!



Kevin Green and Sean Kettlewell pas CBT with Camrider

Kevin Green:  Perfect - Could not be happier with the quality of instruction. Friendly helpful instructors who went out of their way to assist you and make you feel at home.

Sean Kettlewell: Excellent - Friendly and helpful instructors and very good facilities. Laid back course in a professional "Make you at ease" way - I felt really confident and in safe hands! 

Key Benefits

Loan Bikes

loan learner motorcycles

Loan Helmet, Jacket, gloves & waterproof

Loan motorcycle safety gear

Tests pre booked

Motorcycle tests booked in advance

DSA Approved instructors

dsa approved motorcycle instructors

Use of site and Facilities

motorcycle training sites



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