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Five session (beginners) full test

For riders with a little prior experience. Maybe you rode a 125cc when you were younger or you have had some off road experience on a geared bike.  The five session course is ideal.  

What's included

  • Beginner rider training
  • Loan bikes 125cc and 600cc
  • Loan helmet, jacket, gloves 
    and waterproofs 

Whats included

  • CBT & Cert
  • Petrol & Insurance
  • Module 1 & 2 tests
    included and pre-booked 

We start of with CBT off road elements spaced thoughout a day so we can ensure a better start to pass and get the CBT out of the way.  For each rider we formulate a lesson plan based on your prior experience.  You are not expected to be an experienced rider, just to be familiar with clutch, throttle and gears so we are not starting at the very beggining.  Your instructor will pace the course to adapt to your own situation.  There is a decent mix of types of people on this sort of course, both male and felmale and all ages, all backgrounds.  The class sizes are very small and we are experts at recognising what you need - after all we have been providing training courses since 1977!

Shirish Patel passed his full motorcycle test with Camrider
Shirish Patel Passing his full motorcycle test.

"Without a doubt it was the quality of Camrider's service that impressed me. The office, admin and instructing staff exceeded any expectation I could hope for in customer service. I was known by name as soon as I had booked and every detail of my training was carefully explained and made easy ".

After CBT we will build your confidence with road rides on either 125cc bikes or our new 600cc machines.  We move you on to the larger bikes at the of the second session, sometimes earlier, dependant on how you are getting on.  We also issue the full CBT certificate when you have demonstrated the required competance - and as we split the off road and on road sections there is no 2 hour time limit so the pressure is off you and you don't have to worry about hitting a deadline.

Onwards your instructor will continue training you on the 600cc machines and fully prepare you for the Module 1 and 2 exams conducted by the DSA.  Our instructors are not only DSA qualified but have been through the unique Camrider training program.  They will know how to get you settled and happy into how to get your tests and ride safely on the road.

Your instructor will ensure that you are practiced and conversant with the Module 1 test and will appreciate and understand how it is passed.  You will also be trained how to ride to DSA standards and how to pass the Mod 2 test.

The course concludes with the actual Module 1 test and a few days later the Module 2 test - after that you have passed your full bike test and can ride a large motorbike!

ride review of camrider motorcycle training

This course includes: CBT, Module 1, Module 2, All training, bike hire, petrol, insurance, loan helmet - jacket - gloves - waterproofs.

What do I need?: Provisional UK driving licence or full car licence, motorcycle theory test (not needed for CBT or lessons but needed 10 days before Module 1), sturdy unripped jeans/biker trousers, boots with ankle protection.


1 minute interview with Mike Swain. Passed Direct Access with Camrider


Jane Rookyard:  Hi this isn't an enquiry it is just a big THANK YOU to the CAMRIDER team in Ipswich who've helped me to pass my mod 1 & 2. Great team, extremely professional, fun to be with, an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I'd highly recommend them to anyone. Many thanks.

Stuart Lawson:  Thanks for the email! Couldn't be happier and am trawling through websites for bikes as we speak. Just wanted to say thanks for all the support along the way. Couldn't have asked for anything more! Special thanks to Seb from the Harlow branch as well. Had him from the second session right up till mod 2 and it's down to him for getting me through both tests first time. Thanks again. I'll be sure to recommend you to any friends looking at their bike test and will certainly keep in touch.

Key Benefits

Loan Bikes

loan learner motorcycles

Loan Helmet, Jacket, gloves & waterproof

Loan motorcycle safety gear

Tests pre booked

Motorcycle tests booked in advance

DSA Approved instructors

dsa approved motorcycle instructors

Use of site and Facilities

motorcycle training sites



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