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What is included

  • CBT & certificate
  • If choosing the Start Biking course we can book the Theory Test for you at your request
  • DSA Test Fees - we pre-book hundreds in advance
  • Use of new high quality 125cc /  600cc bikes for the course
  • Petrol and insurance
  • Helmet, Gloves, Jackets and Water proofs
  • All training from DSA qualified instructors
  • Small class sizes - never more than 2:1 on road or 4:1 off road
  • Use of our high quality training facilities and off road sites
  • 84% first time pass rate (av. sites 2012)

Questions and answers:


Q. What is the age requirement to join the course? 
A. 19 years plus

Q. What licence do I need to join a full test course? 
A. You just need a "full car" or a "standard provisional".  You will need to bring the original undamaged copy of your photo card and the paper counterpart or if you have the older just paper licence then you will need this and an in date UK passport.  It's your licence and your responsibility to check everything is valid and in order - you can get extra information here DVLA Licence Rules

Q. What riding gear do you provide and what do I need?
A. We provide helmet, gloves, jacket and waterproof trousers.  We also will provide a legally required flourescent bib.  You will need to attend wearing a minimum of tough unripped denim jeans (or stronger) and boots that give you some sort of ankle protection.  If you have your own bike gear then great! - Bring it along..

Q. Do I need my own bike at all?
A. No we provide a new fleet of well maintaned motorcycles for all the test ranges - 50cc, 125cc and 600cc.  If you want to complete CBT on your own bike then that's fine so long as it gets to the site legally and complys with the usual road laws.

Q. When do I need to have a Motorcycle Theory test?
A. Motorcycle Theory Test is not needed for CBT or training sessions, but required at least 5 days prior to your Module 1 exam. More details here Rules on motorcycle theory test

Q. What is the course structure for full test?
A. Camrider recommends that the 5 and 6 session course are completed over a two to four week period and the 4 session over two to three weeks.  This is a much better way to learn as information is not "Parrot" leant, but fixes much better into your mid to long term memory.  It also gives you a chance to rest between training sessions and even to consider if you may want some extra assistance maybe with another lesson or by hiring one of our 125cc bikes to practice out on the road, on your own.  We also always recommend separating the Module 1 and 2 exams by 10 days as should you make a silly mistake like dabbing your foot down at the wrong time on your module 1  getting a fail - then if your Module 2 is close in time the DSA will not let you take the test and they will not refund the fee.   Here at Camrider we like to protect the rider not only on the road but also in the wallet!  

Q. How long is the session lenght:
A. The first CBT day should be considered as a full day - typically starting at 8.30am and finishing between 2.30 pm and 5.30pm dependant on your course and experience.  The following sessions are in intensive 4 hour blocks either AM or PM.  We do not recommend full days for post CBT training as learning to ride a bike is demanding both physically and mentally.  There is a lot to learn and you will cover a lot of miles whilst gaining new skills.  In the same way a lorry driver will not exceed the hours their tachometer allows - we try to make sure you do not tire yourself out or get beyond your optimum learning point and thus start to reinforce negative learning experiences by compounding small mistakes when tired.

Q. What if I already have CBT?
A. You can choose any of our full test courses, deduct the CBT fee if you booked it recently with us and miss the first CBT training session but carry on with the rest of the course.  It is best to call and book with an advisor if you already have a valid CBT certificate. 

Q. Can I take an Intensive course in a week?
A. We understand that some people do need to bunch up their training into an intensive package.  Typically soldiers on leave or teachers with set holiday periods will ask us to bring the training package close together to fit into their time window.  We are happy to try to arrange this if vital but would recommend the spaced courses if it is possible as if you need more work or fail an elemet, then this may knock on so you loose session and/or test fees. If you have a specific time frame then it is best to call us to allow a customer advisor to schedule dates that can fit with your commitments and diary.

Q. At what times and days do Camrider provide training?
A. We can provide CBT and full test training sessions seven days a week.  The DSA who are an independent Government body will conduct the Module 1 and 2 tests during weekdays.

Q. What happens if I cant make a scheduled course date - maybe I'm suddenly ill or needed at work etc. ?
A. We need seven clear working days notice to cancel or move a regular session or 10 clear working days to move or cancel a session with a test attached.  Regretably we don't provide insurance for you if you need to cancel for any reason outside that cancellation period.  We can provide you with a note stating you did not attend for you to present to your own insurer if you have any such cover.

Q. Can I attend late on my training sessions?
A. Sorry but no - sessions need to start as timetabled as there may be another person on the course and we also have to comply with DSA regulations.

Q. Who conducts the tests, what happens and what do I need?
A. The Module 1 and 2 tests are conducted by Examiners from the Driving Standards Agency.  This is an external Government body.  We will book you into your test, train you and accompany you to the test centre to settle you in.  The DSA like us need you to comply with the law and you need to bring along your original licence, CBT cert and theory test cert.  You will also need to be in propper riding gear.  We have a section on what happens on the tests here: What happens on the tests and the DSA requirements and regulations are here: DSA site showing regulations and requirements.  We ask customers to remeber that the DSA are external to us and we do not control or have influence on their policy and decisions.

Q. What are the ages to do what sort of test/licence?  
A. Riders aged 24 plus will use our 600cc bikes set to full power and will gain their full "A" licence.
Riders aged 19 to 23 will use our 600cc bikes with a small limiter switched on to allow then to gain the full "A2" licence

Q. What do the different licences mean?  
A. The "A" licence (aged 24 plus) means you can ride any bike any power no restriction.
The "A2" licence (ages 19 to 23) means you can ride up to 46bhp eg. a Honda NC700 or any bike that is legally restricted.  See the licence rules here 

Q. What do I have to do to move from "A2" licence to "A" licence?  
A. Either wait until you are 24 or for two years of your holding a full "A2" licence (whichever is soonest). Then just retake the DSA tests on the unresticted bike and you will have the new bigger power "A" licence.  This process can be done in as little as 4 hours dependant on your ability.

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