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Better equipped, Better located

With expertly set up loan bikes we know how to make the experience easier and above all more fun. Our motorcycles have span adjustable clutches, we have cut down seats for all sizes of riders and ladies are just as at home as gents as all our facilities and equipment are the very best you can get. Importantly we pioneered small class sizes way back in 1977 and you will never go on road in a class more than you and one other student. We also only used fully qualified instructors to get you through CBT, Full Test and RPMT Advanced.

Due to our size and amount of qualified staff we can offer very flexible courses that can fit in with your work and home commitments. We will always do our best to tailor a course that works for you - just give us a call to chat it through!

Our Harlow site has warm classrooms, free tea and coffee, toilets and changing facilities, and an excellent local workshop to keep the motorcycles in top condition.In particular we take motorcycle training and testing to a new level. Not only will you gain your CBT and/or licence in a smooth and efficient manner, you will also learn additional vital road skills from friendly dedicated instructors who are there to answer questions, make you safe and to ensure you have a fun time as well.

We have a huge training site where you can practice Module 1 in complete safety. We can mock up the test so you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the real thing. We are the only company in Harlow to be able to mock up the Module1 in real size. A huge advantage in getting your test first time and not worrying about how and when you are going to be able to practice. Remember - the Module 1 test requires a swerve manoeuvre and an emergency stop at 50 Kph - We can practice this again and again on our large tarmac training area - That's why our pass rate is so high.


Key benefits

  • Large off road training area. Fully DSA accredited with all insurances.
  • Warm classrooms.
  • Toilets and changing facilities.
  • Free loan of helmets, gloves and waterproofs.
  • New fleet of learner bikes set up for training use.
  • New Yamaha XJ600 Direct Access Motorcycles (not old out of date bikes)
  • Proper learning sessions designed to maximise skill retention.
  • All instructors hold the highest qualifications possible.
  • Central to Harlow town, the test centre and all test routes.

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