Six Sessions – Full Test with CBT

For riders with some reasonable prior experience. Maybe you rode a geared 125cc when you were younger or you have had some good off-road experience on a geared bike. You should be competent with clutch and gears and have ridden on UK roads for 100 plus miles. If this is you then the six-session course is ideal.

What is included?

  • DVSA approved rider training from our expert instructors.
  • Loan bikes 125cc and 600cc
  • Petrol & Insurance
  • CBT & Certificate
  • Loan helmet, jacket, gloves and waterproofs
  • Module 1 & 2 tests included and pre-booked 

What do I need?

  1. Beginners level of experience. You will have ridden geared motorcycles before but do not have much experience.
  2. A UK Provisional driving licence or full car licence. We need to see the photocard.
  3. A Motorcycle theory test. Not needed for CBT or lessons but required 10 days before the Module 1 test.
  4. Sturdy unripped jeans/biker trousers, boots with ankle protection.

What happens in the 6 session course

We start off with the CBT off-road elements spaced throughout a day so we can ensure a better start to passing and get the first CBT elements safely out of the way. For each rider, we formulate a lesson plan based on your prior experience and ability. You are not expected to be a very experienced rider, just to be familiar with clutch, throttle and gears so we are not starting at the beginning.

There is a decent mix of types of people on this course, both male and female and all ages, all backgrounds. The class sizes are very small and we are experts at recognising what you need – after all we have been providing training courses since 1977!

After CBT

After the CBT off-road session, we move on to the next session where we will build your confidence with road rides on either 125cc bikes or our new 600cc machines. We usually move you on to the larger bikes at the end of the second session but sometimes earlier, dependant on how you are getting on. We also issue the full CBT certificate when you have demonstrated the required competence. As we split the off-road and on-road sections, we more than double the minimum 2 hours observed/assessed riding that is needed for element E of the CBT. This really makes the CBT much easier to complete and allows for better use of your time.

Onwards your instructor will continue training you on the 600cc machines and fully prepare you for Module 1 and 2 exams conducted by the DVSA.

Module 1 and 2 Tests

Module 1 test training

Particular attention is made on the practice of Module 1 required exercises as there is a speed requirement of a minimum 50kph for both the emergency stop and emergency swerve. It’s important not just to be competent and practised in these manoeuvres, but also be fully conversant with the observations and protocols that DVSA need to see in order to award a pass. This is what we are very good at and your instructor will make sure that you are not only a safe rider but understand and have practised all elements of Module 1.

Module 2 test training.

This test is conducted on road with a radio link, and we train you in the same manner so we can advise, correct and inform as you are learning the processes needed to be safe and to pass. Camrider have developed a comprehensive teaching program that will tackle every element of the test from hill starts to lane discipline.

You may not be aware that the DVSA Examiner is looking for a specific set of criteria – such as not varying your position from the centre of your carriageway when navigating bends. This would seem counter-intuitive to a more experienced rider but is expected to be seen in a learner attending the test. Its the vital tips like these that we make sure you master so you don’t fail for a missed or badly timed observation or by riding inappropriately for the road conditions. This is the difference between a learner who has just mastered the controls and a learner who is safe and test ready.

The actual test days

The course concludes with your instructor preparing you, check to test your riding and accompanying you to the actual Module 1 test and a few days later the Module 2 test – after that you have passed your full bike test and can ride a large motorcycle!

Other Full Test Courses

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For current riders who are already competent and just need to have the skill set to be able to pass all the stages of the testing process

Seven sessions (novice) full test

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