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7b Wendover Road, Rackheath, Norwich, NR13 6LH

We provide motorcycle training for the Norwich area. This includes Compulsory Basic Training CBT, Direct Access courses, Standard licence, Advanced and all aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle or moped.

Why train at Norwich?

We provide motorcycle training for the Norwich area. This includes Compulsory Basic Training CBT, Direct Access courses, Standard licence, Advanced and all aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle or moped.

We would like to welcome you to the co-owners of our Norwich franchise Alan Stevens and Jim Abbot, both are very skilled and patient instructors, Alan and Jim also co-own our Diss and Ipswich Franchises.

Motorcycle training in Norwich, from CBT to Full Test Courses

Opening times

Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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About Camrider Norwich

At Camrider Norwich motorcycle training you will find a very high-quality motorcycle storage and repair centre and also classrooms and toilet facilities as you would expect from a company with the reputation Camrider has. We offer the best CBT courses in Norwich with the most qualified and experienced instructors.

We try to make the CBT a really enjoyable experience and you will find we have a large range of bikes for you to learn on. Additionally, we provide loan helmets, gloves, jackets and waterproofs. Our office staff will book you to tests we have reserved in advance and make sure you have details of exactly what’s needed. If you need any information or have any questions we are just a phone call away.

The Norwich centre is close to the DVSA test centre and has access to all the test routes used for your actual practical test. whether you require just a CBT or full test motorcycle training in Norwich, we have a course to suit you.

If you want to choose the very best instruction from professionals with a proven track record, then the Norwich centre is ideal.

Key elements

  • Loan motorcycles: 50cc, 125cc and 600cc
  • Loan helmets, jackets, gloves and waterproofs
  • DVSA tests are booked in advance – we have 100’s of available tests reserved.
  • Specifically designed safety equipment and bikes with lowered or raised seat heights and suspension available to help riders of all heights and sizes.
  • We specialise in helping the nervous, new or very inexperienced get up to speed, not just with caring instruction but with equipment and systems to aid the process. We believe anyone can ride with the right attitude and patience to learn.
  • Large private training area for CBT and Mod 1 practice
  • Classrooms, bathroom, rest areas and training pad all on one site
Our Instructors and Staff

Instructors and Staff

Cambridge team jo camrider

Jo Galczynska

Jo is the Office Manager and another one of our friendly booking staff. Jo started off learning to ride by taking a CBT with Camrider, and a couple of years later she jumped at a chance to come and join the Camrider office team. Jo is a very efficient administrator who never lets a test date slip by. You will be very impressed by how she takes care of all the test details and makes sure the DSA are informed every step of the way. Jo has a great knowledge of motorcycle training. Combine this with her degree in public relations and we know you will find her a great friend when it comes to booking you in for a course.

Camrbidge team dan camrider

Dan Everitt

Dan has been with Camrider for over 14 years and knows the booking process inside out. We all look to Dan to resolve complex law issues and on how best to schedule courses so they work perfectly for our customers. A key skill you will find with Dan is his attention to detail in making sure every aspect of your training package flows smoothly and connects at the right time. Definitely a very safe pair of hands. Dan also manages all the administration for our London Branch.

As well as working with Camrider Dan has become quite skilled in the art of fencing and you can find him battling down an opponent at the end of a foil on the evenings.

Jan Camrider

Jan Waters

Jan is know as one of the most dedicated and friendly instructors inside of Camrider. She has a real passion for teaching and will always go the extra mile to help a customer get through a CBT or practical test. Her calm and patient manner will put you at ease and with over 15 years experience as a DVSA Qualified Instructor backed by 26 years of riding experience, you can’t go wrong with having her assist you through your training

Motorcycles and Equipment

We believe that learner motorcyclists deserve the best possible environment to train in and that high-quality machinery and equipment are not just an advantage, but are essential.

In particular, we use the New Kawasaki Z650 motorcycles that are compliant with the European Third directive and also have specially manufactured rider protection bars. We also use new fuel injected Yamaha YBR125cc motorcycles and a range of high quality mopeds .

We are proud that we are the only regional company to utilise new machinery that has specifically designed rider safety equipment to help you through your test.

Some of our Bikes

yamaha motorbike camrider

Yamaha XJ600cc

Amazingly competent high end 600cc motorcycle with our unique rider protection system.

These bikes are perfect for direct access having the controllable power and speed to make mincemeat of the module 1 exam. As these are high end new Japanese manufactured bikes they really are a cut above the rest.  As Camrider have a range of rider aids and protection systems, you can be confident that these bikes will ease you through any tests.

yamaha ybr 125cc

Yamaha YBR 125cc

First class learner 125cc bike from Yamaha. We believe the YBR is one of the very best bikes possible to take your CBT or standard training on.These motorcycles have fuel injection so there are no “choke” issues or warming up problems.

As the YBRs come from Yamaha you can rely on high end build quailty and relaiability that is not found in the “Cheaper” Chinese imports

kawasaki z650

Kawasaki Z650

Striking Sugomi styling, easy control and accessible power invoke the
Kawasaki Z spirit. LED lights and a TFT display deliver the
newest tech. The Z650 has full rider protection bars and a switchable power system.

Motorcycle Training Classes & Courses

Camrider is an Approved Training Body licenced by the DVSA

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT is a course of instruction and assessment for new riders wanting to ride a moped or geared motorcycle. It must be taken by any rider wanting to use a 50cc moped, or 125cc motorcycle before they get on the road using “L” plates.

Book a CBT

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Full motorcycle test

Pass your full motorcycle test and ride a large cc motorcycle. Training is provided by our expert, DVSA qualified instructors and we provide a fully managed service including CBT, online theory practice, full DVSA training & the final practical tests.

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Call us for free advice, diary dates and general info on motorcycle training for Norwich

Marcus A

A precious father daughter day, my nervous daughter was settled with the calm, light hearted, jovial way the course began. For myself 25 years since my last CBT and it was great to be back on two wheels again. Thank you guys very much, see you again after my Theory test is done.

6 months ago • Marcus A

Harry Keen

Did my CBT here on a 125cc geared bike. Absolutely brilliant instructors! it was my first time riding and they were super patient and understanding, by the end I felt confident to go out by myself on the road, they are very professional and knowledgeable! I HIGHLY recommend this place for bike training!

2 months ago • Harry Keen

Ben Wyatt

What a brilliant day! I went from having never ridden a geared bike to cruising round Norwich comfortably. Martin was an excellent instructor and an even better singer!

a month ago • Ben Wyatt

Steve Wells

I am an older rider (61) I hadn’t ridden a bike for 30 years so was very rusty. I started with a 125cc with my CBT with Martin and although the session went well He recommended for me to go to a 650cc which I got on with much better. The day was great and he was a great instructor, and a laugh as well. Jerry then taught me ongoing from there. He got me through the mod 1 and again he was a great instructor, kept very calm at all time and gave me great confidence. I had one more refresher lesson as there was going to be a large gap until my mod 2 test this was with Jim another brilliant instructor, even bought us a drink on a very hot day. Mod2 test day Jerry will remember me!, his bike broke down on the way to the test, I had to be pillioned on my bike to the test center. I was very nervous at the point as we had gone through quite a bit to get here. Jerry gave me great confidence and said I had nothing to lose and give it my best. I did and I passed!! So thanks to all the guys there, you won’t do better than choosing the Norwich Camrider team.

8 months ago • Steve Wells

Giles Blanchard

Absolutely fantastic! Having not ridden a bike in many years, I have just passed my full motorcycle license in a month! Consistent outstanding service through and through from all of the Camrider staff. Due to work commitments I had only Saturday and Sunday available for training, this was accommodated wonderfully and I was contacted by the director himself to arrange this. The first week I completed my CBT with the fantastic instruction of Shaun and Martin, who were both very thorough and informative, this was a brilliant day full of learning and fun. The following week I had my first 600 session with Jim, who made me feel very comfortable and capable on the motorcycle. He increased my confidence still by highlighting my strengths. My final full day training was instructed by Jerry, and in keeping with the Camrider theme this was outstanding, very informative and educational and incredibly well organised. The following two half days were my test days and these were again instructed by Jerry who showed me how to fine tune everything, plus his confidence in me made it very easy to keep a clear head and perform at my best to pass both my tests. So a massive thank you to all the Camrider staff, I could not recommend enough!

a year ago • Giles Blanchard