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The CBT Centre, West End Centre, Hampton Road, Warwick, CV34 6JP

Why train at Warwick & Leamington Spa?

We provide motorcycle training for the Warwick area. This includes Compulsory Basic Training CBT, Direct Access courses, Standard licence, Advanced and all aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle or moped..

Camrider Warwick is a fantastically equipped and very successful site. We have great facilities with a new fleet of loan motorbikes and mopeds. We provide the very best in motorcycle rider training from CBT to full test and Advanced. Camrider has over 40 years of experience and a reputation as the leaders in customer service and quality instruction. Just call for a chat to get some advice on what is best for you.

Ethos: Pass your test – enjoy the process!

Kindness and tutoring go hand in hand.  Everyone who attends a Camrider course becomes a trusted friend and we seek the best possible outcome for you. 

We have a rigorous chain of command to ensure that you not only pass and get onto the motorcycle of your dreams, but you have a fun and rewarding experience on the way.

Because of our size, history, and resources – we provide three levels of supervision and check testing of our staff and their responsibilities to you our valued customer.

  1. DVSA – fully qualified staff. Our staff have passed the DVSA instructor assessments!  Becoming a Camrider instructor is considered by many as the “Gold Standard” in motorcycle instruction and as a result we select only the very best applicants from the many we receive.  However, It’s not enough to be a great motorcyclist – to teach you need the right personality, temperament, and the ability to treat people with the proper dignity and respect. Humour, honesty, integrity, impartiality, and work ethic are what we seek for in our instructors.

  2. Site Owner Manager. Owner managers will hold the highest possible DVSA qualifications and will routinely assess and develop instructor standards at their site.  They in turn are assessed and reviewed by management above.  Like our instructors, our site owners and managers are the very best in the industry and have shown exceptional commitment and ability in furthering road safety for motorcyclists.

  3. Bern Adams CEO and head office standards management. The highest level of redress.  Bern and his team are responsible for ensuring standards remain the very highest possible in the industry.  This includes secret shopping, randomised review processes, no notice site inspections, and of course continual professional development courses.  We know that to be the best takes constant commitment and we are always seeking to improve and innovate. With our history of 47 years of award-winning success, we hope you will enjoy passing with us.


Camrider Warwick - CBT, Direct Access Motorcycle training
Camrider Warwick – CBT, Direct Access Motorcycle training

Opening times

Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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About Camrider Warwick & Leamington Spa

Located at West End centre next to the Racecourse we have a very large, high-quality training area along with classrooms, rest facilities and all the services you would hope for with a professionally run training company. There is plenty of free secure parking and bus routes run outside.

We try to make the CBT a really enjoyable experience and you will find we have a large range of bikes for you to learn on. Additionally, we provide loan helmets, gloves, jackets and waterproofs. Our office staff will book you to tests we have reserved in advance and make sure you have details of exactly what’s needed. If you need any information or have any questions we are just a phone call away.

Camrider Warwick CBT

The Warwick training site is well located so you can have all the benefits of a local training site but are still nearby to the DVSA test centre. This way you will have plenty of practice locally on mocked and real test routes before being ready for your final tests!

Key elements

  • Loan motorcycles: 50cc, 125cc and 600cc
  • Loan helmets, jackets, gloves and waterproofs
  • DVSA tests are booked in advance – we have 100’s of available tests reserved.
  • Specifically designed safety equipment and bikes with lowered or raised seat heights and suspension available to help riders of all heights and sizes.
  • We specialise in helping the nervous, new or very inexperienced get up to speed, not just with caring instruction but with equipment and systems to aid the process. We believe anyone can ride with the right attitude and patience to learn.
  • Large private training area for CBT and Mod 1 practice
  • Classrooms, bathroom, rest areas and training pad all on one site
Our instructors and staff

Our Instructors & Staff

Dale Hobbs

My name is Dale, I am the Franchisee of Camrider Bedford and Warwick.

I started my motorcycle instructor career with Camrider in 2017 – fortunately motorcycling is the main passion in my life and I’m lucky to have a job I love and the chance to help new riders reach their dreams.

Before becoming a Motorcycle Instructor I was an Approved Driving Instructor. This gave me a great base to start from when moving to motorcycles – as lesson planning and road disciplines are common. The experience of being an ADI has given me a better insight into the dangers learner riders might face and from that I can teach you to ride defensively as well as for fun.

I have been a biker since 1996, passing my advanced riding qualification in 2020. As well as being a fully qualified CBT and Direct Access Instructor, I am also a DVSA qualified Enhanced Rider Scheme – Advanced Instructor.​

It’s a real pleasure working in the motorcycle training industry and having responsibility for Camrider Bedford and Warwick. I very much look forward to welcoming you onto a course!

Katie Sargent

My name is Katie, I am a very creative person with a bubbly personality. I have had my motorcycle license since 2008 and have been a motorcycle instructor since 2021. I qualified for my CBT1 in November 2022 and DAS qualified in April 2023.

I currently own a Fazer 600 which I ride everyday and love the freedom of the open road. Over the next few years I plan to ride the NC500 and want to do some travelling in the uk and Europe.​

Mike Hartley

I am an armed forces veteran and a mental health First aider. I have been riding all my life and have had a motorcycle licence since I was 19.

I am one of the DAS qualified instructors for Camrider and enjoy bringing on the next generation of bikers. For me it’s a pleasure to help new or nervous riders though the steps needed to gain a full bike licence. I can clearly remember doing the same myself a long time ago – so want to make sure that any new rider with me will have a fun, kind, and enjoyable time when learning those vital skills to keep us safe.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I love motorcycle travel and getting out and about on my bike outside of work. To be able to work in an industry you are passionate about is a privilege and I hope you will enjoy your training with us.

Sally Hobbs

Hi my name is Sally, I’m married to Dale and I am part of the admin team for Camrider Bedford and Warwick. I love motorcycling and the people we get to meet on their journey to a full test. You may even get to meet me as I am planning the stages to complete my Direct Access course in the near future.

Richard Brown

My name is Richard my first motorcycle experience was in 02, then going on to passing my full license in 06, over the years I have ridden 50cc to 2300cc and loved every second, I recently qualified as an instructor with Camrider and looking to the future with bigger and better things on 2 wheeled.

Wayne Taylor

My name is Wayne I’ve have been riding from an early age, and I had lots of CBT’S. I finally took my full licence in 2017 with Camrider and never looked back.  I became an instructor in 2022.

Andy Parr

My name is Andy Parr my first riding experience was at 16 on a 50cc geared moped (pre CBT days)

Then I had a career selling medical equipment and managing medical equipment companies. 

I completed my Direct access in 2019 with Camrider Warwick and with a move away from the corporate career a life of motorbiking.

Student turned teacher now working at Camrider Warwick helping all those that want to experience life with motorcycles.

I ride a Triumph Tiger 800 and Speed Triple 1050RS

RoSPA Gold rider and RoSPA Tutor. When not motorbiking, I enjoy travelling around in a campervan.

Tony Workman

My name is Tony, I have been riding since 1994, in 2000-2002 I qualified as an instructor before moving over to Camrider in 2021.

Motorcycles and equipment

We believe that learner motorcyclists deserve the best possible environment to train in and that high-quality machinery and equipment are not just an advantage, but are essential.

In particular, we are the only local company to use the New Yamaha XJ600 motorcycles that are compliant with the European Third directive and also have our own manufactured rider protection bars. We also use new fuel injected Yamaha YBR125cc motorcycles and our mopeds are all-new Piaggio Zip 50cc with a unique rider protection system.

We are proud that we are the only regional company to utilise new machinery that has specifically designed rider safety equipment to help you through your test.

Standards and credibility

Camrider was formed in 1977 as part of a local council road safety initiative.  Bought out by its CEO and instructors in 1992, Camrider rapidly rose to become the largest Approved Training Body in the UK.  Winning national and local awards for its standards and training practices.

Our Warwick franchise owner, Mr. Dale Hobbs, is one of the most respected names in motorcycle training with many years’ experience as a DAS and CBT instructor.  Further to this Dale holds the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme – Advanced Trainer qualification and is an Approved Driving Instructor for cars.  We are sure you will not find anyone more patient, kind, or qualified to run the team getting you your full motorcycle licence.

As way of proof Camrider also accolades and recommendations from Ride magazine, Motorcycle News, What Bike, The Times, Radio 4, Chanel 5, ITV, BBC 1 and many others.  We know we provide an exceptionally high standard of instruction and are glad that others in authority agree with us!

For 10 years Camrider held chair and presidency of the MRTA, we are members of MCITA, our CEO was asked to form the Government Advisory Group on Motorcycling chaired by Lord Witty, in 1993 we became advisors to DVSA, ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust, approved training status includes Honda and Kawasaki training schemes.

We currently are working as trusted providers to Triumph Motorcycles and Norton Motorcycles in providing high end training to their staff and customers. 

Some of our Bikes

yamaha motorbike camrider

Yamaha XJ600cc

Amazingly competent high end 600cc motorcycle with our unique rider protection system.

These bikes are perfect for direct access having the controllable power and speed to make mincemeat of the module 1 exam. As these are high end new Japanese manufactured bikes they really are a cut above the rest.  As Camrider have a range of rider aids and protection systems, you can be confident that these bikes will ease you through any tests.


Suzuki SFV650 ABS

The 650 V-Twin has been tuned for a relaxed ride, balance weight, easy turning, and an enjoyable sound track.
Heated grips for warm hands in the winter months.
We have A2 ECU units so the bikes can be used for both DAS and A2 instruction

motobike lexmoto

Lexmoto ZSB 125cc

We have acquired these robust bikes with a great seat to handle bar ratio that fits so many rider sizes. The Lexmoto ZSB provides a contemporary take on the traditional bike design. Centred around a CBB Balance shaft engine offering 4 stroke reliability and smooth power delivery the ZSB delivers a phenomenal package.  easy to ride and a great choice for CBT.

honda cb125f

Honda CB125f

The CB125F is a full-sized feel, for a full-sized experience.   There’s wind protection from the angular nose fairing and fly screen. Perfect for learners with a low seat height and the legendary Honda reliability and performance.

honda vision 50cc

Honda Vision 50cc

Excellent Honda quality with a perfect seat height and the premium feel of this major brand. The Vision is powered by an air-cooled 49cc four-stroke engine coupled to an automatic transmission.

honda CB500

Honda CB500f

Whether for the daily commute, weekend fun or your first taste of life without L-plates, it’s a simple, but vibrant, involving machine in its own right – practical, easy to ride, fast and thrilling.

honda CB650f

Honda CB650f

Considered the city’s sports bike, the Honda CB 650F 2021 brings a modern design and full of attitude. In the vibrant colors, they highlight the machine parts giving an incredible visual effect. The Honda CB 650F 2021 also stands out for its power combined with safety.

Motorcycle Training Classes & Courses

Camrider is an Approved Training Body licenced by the DVSA

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT is a course of instruction and assessment for new riders wanting to ride a moped or geared motorcycle. It must be taken by any rider wanting to use a 50cc moped, or 125cc motorcycle before they get on the road using “L” plates.

Book a CBT

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Full motorcycle test

Pass your full motorcycle test and ride a large cc motorcycle. Training is provided by our expert, DVSA qualified instructors and we provide a fully managed service including CBT, online theory practice, full DVSA training & the final practical tests.

Book a Full Test

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Call us for free advice, diary dates and general info on motorcycle training in Warwick

cosmin-victor aprotosoae

The easiest 10/10 review I’ve ever written, the instructors made everything so comfortable, easy, safe and enjoyable they really know their stuff. I cannot recommend them enough for booking your CBT, or any licenses A1,A2, A. Thank you Dale. You are one incredible instructor, made the whole learning experience a pleasure. 10/10

2 weeks ago • cosmin-victor aprotosoae


I recently completed my motorbike lessons with Warwick cam rider , and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. From start to finish, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly supportive. The instructors were patient and skilled, guiding me through each lesson and giving me revision to help me. The curriculum was well-structured, covering everything from basic maneuvers to advanced riding techniques, ensuring that I felt confident and prepared for the road ahead. Overall, I highly recommend Mike and the team to anyone looking to learn how to ride a motorbike safely and confidently. Thanks so much for your help see you all soon.

a month ago • Eli

Hope Mcdonagh

Had an amazing day learning my CBT at cam riders today, he taught me all the road signs and everything you need to know to be safe on the roads. We started off for a little while getting comfortable on the bike and turning with indicators and all the basic but necessary stuff then after that we spend 2 and a half hours out on the road once we were comfortable and it was an amazing experience and I now feel fully comfortable with my moped. Would definitely recommend

a month ago • Hope Mcdonagh

Smile More Solihull

My son completed his CBT training last week, and I completed mine today. We both agreed the level of training and expertise was first class, with the emphasis on awareness and safety on the road. The team of instructors were thorough, and friendly, making it a most enjoyable course. Cliff Bradley

a month ago • Smile More Solihull

Michelle Routledge

After 5 years off the bike I took a Rusty Rider course with Katie. It did exactly as intended and gave me the confidence I needed. Allowing me to do the slow riding in a safe environment with Katie coaching and encouraging. I rode away much happier and ready to keep the journey going.

3 weeks ago • Michelle Routledge