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Aminul Islam

I'm very happy for this test.My instructor is very friendly and good knowledge. So I hope all best for them. Thanks.

11 months ago • Aminul Islam

George Baldock (BattleBaldock)

I could not have asked for a better instructors, Passed my MOD 1 and MOD 2 1st time. What’s good is that when I was training for my mod 2 we was riding around the test centre area getting to know the roads that was a added bonus and on my test I used the same roads worked out perfect. Now I have my dream bike 😎 Thank you to Richard and team!

3 months ago • George Baldock (BattleBaldock)

cirine tacine

I would love to give a big thanks to Tim (my instructor), very polite, helpful and professional. Spent a good 8 hrs on training and learning, I would definitely recommend Camrider, it’s really worth it.

a year ago • cirine tacine


A big thanks to the CAMRider team, Tim who instructed my CBT, Very patient easy to get along with and informative. A big thanks to Chris, Richard and Tim these guys are old school with the best knowledge available. They will tell you how is is without sugar coating it. I went from 0 experience to first time passing mod 1 and mod 2. Couldn't be more chuffed. Thank you to Daniel for swiftly sorting out the scheduling issues we faced due to these trying times. Best of luck for the future guys.

8 months ago • Mayjinx

Marlon Mitchel

Had a instructor Chris he's fantastic passed both mod 1 & 2 first time round The camrider time especially chris aha wanted nothing but to help n see me and the other people pass also. Cheapest in London unless u travel out there.

2 months ago • Marlon Mitchel