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Aniket Gavandi

Camrider Corby is awesome! They helped me learn how to ride a motorcycle safely and confidently. The Instructors were really nice and patient, and they made sure I understood everything. The place where they teach is great too a big parking area, with cool motorcycles from 50cc Mopeds up to 600cc motorcycles. Thanks to them, I passed my CBT with flying colors! I'm looking forward to booking my full motorcycle license with them. If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, Camrider is the place to go!

a week ago • Aniket Gavandi

Franco Epaminondas

Just want to express my thanks and appreciation to the guys at Camrider Corby, especially Rory and Mick for their training in helping me to pass my MOD1 and MOD2 first time. The whole team are professional whilst keeping the experience enjoyable and I'd recommend Camrider Corby to anyone wanting to pass their full licence. Thank you guys!

a week ago • Franco Epaminondas

Sam Miller

Passed my full licence first time with only 1 fault and it’s all thanks to these guys. With only a small amount of riding experience under my belt and that being a long time ago I was basically starting a fresh. All of the guys there are great, especially Rory, whom I spent most of my time with. Cannot recommend enough. Worth every penny.

a month ago • Sam Miller

Lee Mcewan

Went to Camriders today to complete a CBT, booked it yesterday and got a slot straight away which felt too good to be true but was a very good experience overall. I did my CBT with a man named Rory and he was incredibly thorough in describing rules of the roads, parts of a motorcycle and in general things I would need to know in order to operate a motorcycle safely. Incredible patients from him even though a lot of mistake were made from myself (being a first time rider) but he tells you straight where you have gone wrong, especially when you’re on the road and he gives you the answer to correcting your mistake good experience today 5 stars.

a month ago • Lee Mcewan

David Conquest

I did my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 with CamRider. Very good instructors and extremely friendly. I would certainly recommend them.

a month ago • David Conquest