Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions (Revised Jan 2013)

  1. Licence: Our courses are regulated by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and you are required by law to present your licence for verification. You must on all sessions bring with you and show for inspection the original of your full or provisional UK driving licence. You cannot train without a valid licence.
    You will need:                                                                                                                              Your current in date photo card plus your paper counterpart in good legible condition without rips or obscuring marks
    Correct provisional entitlement for the vehicles you wish to train on
    The licence code for photo card and counterpart must be an exact match
    If you have an old pre photocard licence you will need your valid in-date UK passport to be presented with it 
    Your licence is your responsibility and CAMRider cannot accept any liability for incorrect provision
  2. Prior CBT. If you are training with us using a CBT gained previously either with us or elsewhere then you must bring the original with you for inspection. This must be in date, correctly completed and match your licence number. Please bring your CBT certificate to all training sessions and to present for tests.
  3. European Union and other foreign licence holders: Please contact CAMRider for information and advice that will be confirmed in writing to you before booking a course.
  4. Payments: Training dates may be secured with a minimum deposit of £150. You must have paid the course fee in full at least five working days before you are due to begin. Training dates and deposit may be lost if full payment has not been received.
  5. Course length: We provide guideline courses suitable for an “Average Customer” you may need to purchase additional training to complete safely.
  6. Customer responsibility: CAM Rider will provide training and assessment.  No certificates or test passes are granted for attendance alone.  Customers must take sufficient training suitable for their needs to demonstrate to DSA testing standards their competence and safety.
  7. Language: Courses are conducted in English and radio systems will be used on road.  You must have a good command of English and be able to hear and act upon instructions given over a radio earpiece. If in doubt please present for a trial lesson or face to face meeting before committing to a course.
  8. Health/Entrance suitability: You need to satisfy yourself that you are physically/mentally fit to be able to learn to ride and be capable of undertaking training. You will need to be already able to safely ride a pedal cycle. We cannot refund if you are unable to complete or fully attend your training sessions. Your instructor will not allow you to ride or learn if you are unable to safely participate either as an individual or as part of a group.
  9. Attendance: You must attend all scheduled days of training in full and on time.  CBT has a set legal structure that requires full on time attendance without exception. Late attendance on any session may result in your training being cancelled and fees forfeited. Furthermore you may be precluded for safety or legal reasons from attending other booked sessions near in date and again no refund can be offered.
  10. Checking details: It is the customer’s responsibility to review and check their course dates/details and any amendments that may be made. For the duration of their training the customer will allow suitable channels of communication should it be necessary to advise them of changes to their training or to verify information that is needed for them to take test or attend a training session.  When a customer makes a booking or has an amendment to their course it is their responsibility to note and verify that event.
  11. Motorcycle Theory test: Not legally required for CBT training but legally required for you to sit Module 1 and 2 motorcycle tests. You can book your motorcycle theory test by calling 0300 200 1122 or via  www.dsa.gov.uk CAM Rider require you to have passed a motorcycle theory test 10 clear working days before you sit your Module 1 test. When passed you must bring your theory test pass certificate to all training and test sessions. 
  12. Highway Code: You must have learned/read and have a good understanding of the highway code prior to training. You will be riding on the road!
  13. Eyesight: You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. If you require glasses or contact lenses to do this then you must wear them for the duration of your training.
  14. Insurance: Standard insurance cover on our loan motorcycles includes a £750 policy excess.  You may on booking upgrade you insurance to include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for a set fee per session. Without CDW you are liable for the first £750 worth of damage to your loaned motorcycle, any equipment, property or any third party. Radio equipment is not covered by CDW and any damage caused by the customer is their liability.
  15. Tall/Short/Outsize: If you require equipment or vehicles that may be out of regular sizes then you are required to make an appointment with your centre to check availability and suitability prior to booking.  It is the customer’s responsibility to assess if they may require a low/tall seat height or extra large/small clothing prior to booking and attendance.
  16. Time gaps allowed on courses: To ensure pupil and instructor safety the maximum gap between training sessions is three weeks. After such time you will be required to take at standard charge, additional training sessions to bring you back up to a safe standard.
  17. Own Motorcycle. If you are using your own machine you must bring along proof of insurance, MOT certificate (if required), and current road tax. The Motorcycle must also be in a proper roadworthy condition and comply with all legal requirements.
  18. Road & personal safety: If at any time a student shows an unsuitable attitude, is considered under the influence of drugs/alcohol or demonstrates unacceptable risk taking or failure to comply with instruction that endangers themselves or others on the road, or if an instructor, member of staff or any third party be subject to assault, abuse, swearing or threatening behaviour – the course will be terminated at that point and all course fees forfeited. The instructor as a licensed DSA assessor has final decision in this matter.
  19. Safety understanding and risk: CAM Rider will take all steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable course. However riding a motorcycle on or off road carries a degree of risk of injury or even fatality and customers are asked to act responsibly and safely.  CAM Rider and our instructors cannot accept liability or be subject to any claim for any injury or accident you may suffer whilst riding independently or accompanied.
  20. Licence and document details:  The customer is required to provide their licence number and theory test details to us in sufficient time to allow tests to be confirmed as booked in their name.
  21. Clothing:  Appropriate sturdy clothing without rips or fraying, and sturdy footwear including boots that cover the ankle that allow easy use of the controls must be worn. You may be turned away from training and tests if clothing or footwear is deemed unsuitable by instructors or examiners. No refund for missed training or tests will be given.
  22. Cancellations and rescheduling: CAMRider require sufficient notice to cancel or reschedule training courses or elements of a course.  Notice to reschedule must be given directly to a CAMRider Sales Advisor. Notice of cancelation MUST be given in writing to a CAMRider Sales Advisor.     Notice of cancellation/reschedulement is required as follows:     – DSA tests = 10 clear working days – Training sessions & CBT’s = 7 clear working days
  23. Refunds: All refunds are subject to an administration charge of 10% of the value of your unused training without exceptions. No refunds are given if the terms and conditions set out in this document are breached or not met. Refunds can only be given to the original purchaser/cardholder.
  24. Cooling off period: You may receive a refund for cancelling within 7 working days of booking, providing notice is received in writing at our head office booking centre and your training does not start within that 7 working day period. If training starts within 7 working days of booking no refunds are given.
  25. Courses without dates allocated: Refunds can be given for parts of courses where dates have never been allocated unless the sale offer stated otherwise. Should a training session or test be cancelled by the DSA or for weather/safety matters, we will as a matter of goodwill provide a reschedule for that date for no extra charge, but no refund is due for that session or test from that date on.  No refund or reschedule is due or provided if the session is lost due to the customer not attending, attending late or failing to comply with DSA requirements. You are required to take any training without dates allocated within one year of the purchase date. CAMRider cannot carry over training or refund any courses after this time and you will be required to pay again for any further training.
  26. No fault non attendance: Should you be ill, injured or suffer any extenuating personal circumstances that precludes you from attending a course you have booked or in giving insufficient notice to cancel, you will still be required to pay the fee for the training and no refunds can be offered. CAMRider will as a matter of goodwill give receipt of your course and confirm non attendance so you may claim against any insurance you may have. CAMRider does not provide or offer any insurance for such circumstances.
  27. Pass Guarantee: Courses with a “Pass Guarantee” require full attendance on each specified date. The guarantee is invalid if you do not attend (in full) a training event that is part of your course, or recommended as such, and you will be required to pay the full session fee from that point on for any further training. You will need to attend all recommended sessions and refunds cannot be given if you decide to cease training. Candidates cannot have a return session to complete a CBT if more than 3 weeks have elapsed between their last date of attendance. A full CBT at standard price will be required if you leave the training program for more than this period.
  28. Special offers: Some courses may be sold on special offers and have specific terms and conditions stated in the Offer of Sale. These if so stated will override terms given here.
  29. Gift certificates: Refunds are only offered up to 14 days from date of purchase so long as no dates have been allocated that start within seven working days notice.  Any refund made must be to the original purchaser/card holder. Customers may use their certificate as part payment against courses of a higher value. Gift certificates are valid solely for one year from date of issue and are sold on the condition that they are non refundable and are to be used to take training only within the valid dates. Please refer to you certificate for the specific additional terms and conditions.
  30. CAMRider/DSA cancellation or rescheduling of courses/sessions: CAM Rider and the DSA reserve the right to alter course and test dates/times without notice. In the event that a training date or test has to be rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions or any extenuating circumstance, it will be rescheduled for the next available date. Refunds or compensation cannot be given for dates that require reschedulement, regardless of circumstance.
  31. Additional charges for DSA Examiner test cancellations: If a test is cancelled by the DSA due to Examiner equipment failure or their illness, there will be no charge for rescheduling the test or training session accompanying the test. However, if the DSA cancels the test due to weather conditions the customer will need to pay for any time used during the accompanying session to pay for their instructors’ time and use of equipment and facility.

NB: Definition of working days notice: Working days are classed as Monday to Friday and do not include Bank Holidays. Working days notice means allowing us at least the specified full working day(s) notice so as to reschedule. Notice must be given in a manner sufficient to be properly recorded and acted upon. i.e. telephone call and email direct to a Sales Advisor who will note the event on our computer systems. E.g. If 7 working days notice is required, and written notice is received on a Monday, then this would be sufficient for a course or session on the Thursday of the following week (7 full working days in between) so long as there are no bank holidays in the notice period.