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Our Motorcycles

We always ensure that the customer has the very best chance to pass their CBT and full test.  thats why across the company we have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into the bikes we use.

It is important to have a new well maintened bike that is both suitable for your learning and that has been professionally adapted to give you the edge to pass more easily and to feel more confident. This is why we have a unique rider and bike protection system only manufactured by CAMRider

We are the only company in the area to have invested early into a brand new fleet of over 20 Motorcycles and mopeds.  These are first rate bikes from recognised high end manufacturers and so are reliable and great to ride.  We believe we are the only company in the area that can offer this range of high quality new bikes.

Direct Access

Yamaha XJ600cc

Amazingly competent high end 600cc motorcycle with our unique rider protection system. 

These bikes are perfect for direct access having the controlable power and speed to make mincemeat of the module 1 exam.  As these are high end new Japanese manufactured bikes they really are a cut above the old 500cc used by most other companies.

CBT - Mopeds

Piaggio Zip mopeds

The Piaggio Zip is our first choice for fun, reliable CBT passes.

These briliantly made high end bikes also have our unique protection systems built onto them. The quality of the ride shows through and though a bit more expensive than some of the usual alternatives, they are well worth it in the quality and response they offer

CBT & Standard test

Yamaha YBR125cc bikes

First class learner 125cc bike from Yamaha.  We believe the YBR is one of the very best bikes possible to take your CBT or standard training on.These motorcycles have fuel injection so there are no "choke" issues or warming up problems.

As the YBRs come from Yamaha you can rely on high end build quailty and relaiability that is not found in the "Cheaper" Chinese imports

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